Results of herbal wormers

We received the following feedback from our poo samples: “The result; <50 epg is the lowest possible result that you can achieve.  It means that if your cow does have worms, they are so insignificant that it is impossible to measure them.”

Organic beef farmers can and do use standard  pharmaceutical products to control worms and liver fluke. Any pharmaceutical products can be used if the animals need it. This is a better philosophy than that of conventional farming were products can be used just in case.


We have only used herbal products. It is our long-term aim to maintain health with only herbal products so I am surprised to have achieved this superb result so quickly. It was partly inspired by fear for my neighbours enjoyed sharing a few horror stories about cattle and worms. “If your cow has a cough, it will not need much silage in the winter.” (Dead cows don’t eat!).

I can already see our cattle are putting on weight and their rumps are much cleaner. The next challenge is to maintain a low worm count and do it as efficiently as possible with a mix of garlic, wormwood, walnut, nettle and valerian.  The experiment continues and my fingers are crossed.


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