We aim to produce flavoursome meat full of natural goodness.

All our meat is also organic till point of slaughter. (The abattoirs we use are not certified as organic.)

Wonderfully marbled, 100% grass-fed Irish Moile beef is available. The hind quarter is hung for at least 4 weeks.


Freezer packs. We  sell 5kg and 10 kg  packs for £58 and £108 respectively. Each pack has  about 35%  of sausage, mince and  burger. The remainder consists of roasts, steaks and stewing meats. Our brisket and breast are on the bone. Also, there is some short rib as well.

You can also buy just the meat you want. Our prices are:

Mince, sausage and beef burgers at £10.00/kg (all are preservative and colourant free)

Sirloin at £26.00/kg,  fillet at £35.00/kg  and chump at £15.00/kg

rib roast on the bone at £20.00/kg

Diced beef, roasts and frying steak at£12.00/kg

Shin and brisket at £11.00/kg

Our pastured chickens are £7.50/kg for whole and half birds

You can collect meat from:

  1. our farm, 5 minutes from Castlewellan
  2. Weir’s raw organic dairy at Tandragee
  3. The Turnip House cafe

Weir’s and the Turnip house are collection points for pre-paid meat.

Spend over £50.00 and we will deliver up to 20 miles from Castlewellan for £7.00

Please contact us to place an order or for further information.

437 71136 or 07906659430 rebeccaimber@gmail.com