Organic farms have different soil

Save Our SoilThe soil on organic farms is physically, chemically and biologically different because the decomposed plant material is not burnt off by artificial fertilizers. It thus supports different populations of microbes and with 25% of all known species on the planet living in soil, it seems important to me to disturb soil as little as possible.

However there is very little research on the effects of herbicides on soil life. 6 billion tonnes of glyphosate have been used worldwide without anyone really knowing what effect this will have on soil life. Not that it being labelled as probably carcinogenic to humans as stopped its use.

Another approach is taken by indigenous peoples who often make safeguarding the sources of life, which include waters, air and soil, as the central part of their culture. Indeed, the name of the Mapuche tribe in Chile means “People of the Land”.

Supporting organic farming is a little step in returning our culture to one which safe guards life.


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