More experiments in treating cows with herbs

herbsWormwood, centaury and walnut leaves seemed a good start as a natural wormer. I put some wormwood on my tongue. The bitterness was extreme and long-lasting. I tried the centaury- yuck! That was enough for me yet i would guess the walnut is not a sweetie. Will the cows find this any nicer than then garlic they rejected? I gave them a couple of spoonfuls of each and mixed it in with enough molasses to make their teeth fall out as quickly as their worms. The cattle loved it.

herbs being eatenOver the days i removed the molasses and increased the dose. The cows still licked it all up. Out of curiosity, I put all the remaining herbs in separate buckets to see which one was preferred. The cows wrestled each other to get at the wormwood: each beast was trying to get its snout into the one bucket. I bought another 3kg of wormwood but the cows wont be tasting that just yet.

Tomorrow we will send off some poo samples to see if any of this has reduced anything other than our bank account. Fingers crossed!

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