Field Reared Chickens Available

The latest batch of our lovingly reared chickens will be available fresh this Friday and frozen thereafter. As always our birds grew up in groups of around 65 with complete freedom to move within their electrically protected pen. I enjoy watching our birds sitting in the sun or finishing off their meal  of organic pellets by foraging for fresh greens. To me it is important to have happy birds and I honestly believe they taste better for it too.

Our mortality rate of 0.7%, as opposed to our vet’s estimate of between 7 and 10% for birds of this age, is a testament to the vitality of our birds.

The chicken is 8.80/kg for whole or halved birds. A whole bird can vary from 1.8kg to 2.6kg though most of the bigger birds will be halved. I hope to have some liver and feet available.

Birds for collection this Friday must be pre-ordered. Frozen birds will then be available until we sell out in the winter.

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