What is the Bowen technique?

Bowen is a gentle form of body work. Light moves, performed over the muscles and connective tissue, penetrate to a deep cellular level (via the nervous system) and stimulate the body’s own ability to heal itself. Moves begin to achieve holistic balance straight away, embracing both the client’s physical and emotional aspects.

Bowen moves are gentle because they only aim to stimulate self-healing: there is no need to forcefully manipulate or massage the body. This makes it suitable for the newborn through to the elderly and for people with both long-term and short-term conditions.

Bowen was founded in Australia during the post war years  by the late Tom Bowen. Each year, such was his success, he treated 13,000 people.


What does a session involve?

Each session starts with the person’s own story: how they are, what has happened to them and how they are responding. I would then do some  assessments to discern where tensions have built-up in the muscles and other soft-tissue.

Bowen is nearly always received through light clothing of natural fibres. (Synthetic materials slide over the skin.) Most people will lie on a couch though one can also remain seated. Bowen has its unique rhythm of “hands on, hands off” meaning that each series of moves is followed by a rest of several minutes to allow the body to integrate. A session will last an hour though the body often says when it has had enough stimulus for the day.

Most people find it relaxing.


Can Bowen help me?

I believe so, from my own experiences. It’s important to say that I treat people and not conditions so if two people come in with the same symptom eg sciatica, they would receive different treatments. This also means that 2 people with the same condition will respond differently to treatment and my success with a particular symptom in the past is no guarantee of future success.

Having said that, people with the following problems have benefited from Bowen:


About Me

I qualified in Bowen in 2006 (through Bowtech) and my respect for the technique continues to grow. I am a full member of a professional association, The Bowen Association UK and engage in continuous professional development.

I also qualified in Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan. I find this has broadened my understanding of the process of healing. It also gives me some extra tools for those few situations which are beyond the scope of Bowen.


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thank you, brian