What is the Bowen technique?

Bowen Therapy aims to restore the natural structure and function of our body.

It does this by searching for tightened muscles and any asymmetry between the left and right sides of the body When the primary imbalance is released, the central nervous system can operate at its optimum level which facilitates healing.

Bowen involves  specific movements over soft tissues which we call moves. Almost all of these moves are on acupoints and acupuncture theory is a foundation of Bowen. It is, however, also guided by osteopathic and chiropractic theory.

Bowen was founded in Australia during the post war years  by the late Tom Bowen. Each year, such was his success, he treated 13,000 people.


What does a session involve?

Each session starts with the person’s own story: how they are, what has happened to them and how they are responding. I would then  assess  where muscle tensions exist and seek to release them, allowing  the body to return to a state of symmetry.

Bowen is nearly always received through light clothing of natural fibres. (Synthetic materials slide over the skin.) Most people will lie on a couch though one can also remain seated.


Can Bowen help me? 

I believe so. My experience shows its benefit for people of all ages, including newborn and infant children. Although it is a tool for treating ailments and injuries, many healthy people come along to enjoy treatments to maintain balance and their sense of well-being.

Victims of sports injuries and accidents have found the Bowen Technique very helpful as a remedial therapy during their recovery. It may improve rehabilitation time regardless of when the injury was sustained.



About Me

I qualified in Bowen in 2006 (through Bowtech which is the most common route) and deepened my understanding through studying with Graham  Pennington in 2019.


£25.00 per session. Each session may last up to an hour.


Please phone me, Brian, on 437 71136 or 079 066 59430